Villa Laos

Program: Private Houses
Client: Private
Floor Area: 400m2
Status: Completed in 2014
Location: Vientiane, Laos

The client requested a villa for themselves that could be divided and used as two lettable apartments for expats in a suburban location in Vientiane, combined with a space for a local hairdresser. Working within the challenges of local techniques and customs of construction of this exotic location, we achieved a vertical building with two stacked and mirrored contemporary villas.

The hexagonal shaped villa has carefully positioned windows from various sizes. In this way shape and windows provide privacy combined with superb landscape views. The inside spaces are organized around a serviced core with double heights at the front or end of each floor.

The interior is finished with delicate and local materials like hand-made granito floors and sustainable wood cladding from a local green nursery. The white stuccoed building is a remarkable white giant among its neighbouring small scale vernacular housing.

A villa in Laos by Beyond Space