The Museum

Location: Palazzo Clerici, Milan
Client: Creative Holland
Program: Museum
Gross floor area: 4.000dm2
Status: Completed in 2019


Amidst the hectic bustle of Milan Design week, where many a visitor burns out on the onslaught of exhibitions vying for their attention, we introduced a space of restorative calm, serenity, and singular focus. This temporary installation, while containing the archetypical qualities of a conventional museum, deconstructed the composition of spaces to create an experience of grandeur within half-scale architecture.

Constructed in matt blue MDF panels, the structure sat softly in, yet in intriguing contrast with the central courtyard of Palazzo Clerici. The Museum showcased the Netherland’s creative industry, touching on disciplines of architecture, photography, music, design, fashion, VR, film, and digital communication. A singular route shielded the visitor from distractions, enabling full immersion and focus. As they moved from one space to the next, each structure presented its own character, endowing the journey with a sense of suspense.


Project team: Remi Versteeg, Stijn de Weerd, Gijs Baks, Joost Baks, Damien Loch

Participants: Reinier van der Aart, Joep Beving, Wiebe van den Ende, Jan Robert Leegte, Gerrit Rietveld
Contractor: Verwol, Opmeer
Plants: Het Groenlab, Amsterdam
Graphic Design: Sanne Beeren

Completed at Space Encounters
Website: Jan Robert Leegte
Photography: Lorenzo Zandri & Norbert Tukaj

Completed with Space Encounters