Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Millten, Amsterdam (Client interior: Roamler)
Program: Office
Gross floor area: 1267 m2
Status: Completed in 2021

Four monumental halls with distinct, pointy glass roofs stand proudly at a post-industrial yard in the regenerated and arty NDSM yard on the north bank of Amsterdam’s River IJ. For Roamler, we transformed these structures into a spacious and light office filled with flexible work spaces that are fully geared to the new working. It sports some remarkable and eye- catching features to boot.

For this transformation, we placed windows on the south facade that reach to the ground, added additional skylights, and removed all internal walls to reveal the original steel construction. The result is a a light and wide space speckled with flexible work places that always connect to the outside.The last of the four halls has a greater height than the other three, allowing for two floors. We decided to house all spaces that need closing off, like meeting rooms and toilets, in two box-like constructions we placed on either side. In between is the open kitchen which connects to the other three halls as one, wide open space.

Right in the centre a surprise unravels: a spiralling wall transports those who enter to an inner courtyard lined with fully soundproof concentration spaces. Entering the structure offers a gentle transition into a truly peaceful sanctuary with mature and majestic cacti. Though of a sculptural quality, make no mistake: this structure is certainly not an object within a space, but an integral part of it; a true a space maker both inside and outside it.

The terracotta flooring is a warm and connecting accent throughout the space and reprieved in the meeting rooms. We embraced and left visible the installations, which were sprayed in a contrasting mint green. The piece de resistance, the spiralling wall leading to the internal cactus garden as well as most of the furniture, are in subdued white and grey hues.While interiors often look and feel temporary, like cheaply executed afterthoughts, we approach these transformations as if we were building from scratch. What we take away and add enters into a relation with what already exists, as if conceived together. The result is something that presents as if it’d always been that way, and should be.


Projectteam: Remi Versteeg, Stijn de Weerd, Esther Bentvelsen and Cindy Duan

Developer: Millten BV

Constructor: van Rossum
Contractor: Paardenkooper
Interior fit-out: Roord binnenbouw
Electronics: Bakkum Elektrotechniek
Consulting: Rijking
Bricks: MBI beton
Contract Furniture: Desque

Walls: Qbiq
Green supplier: GroenLAB
Floor supplier: Duracryl
Upholsterer: Siersema