Government Office RWS

Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands
Program: Office, Transformation
Client: BAM
Collaboration: MVSA Architects
Floor Area: 12.000m2
Status: In progress

In a partnership with MVSA Architects, among others, Beyond Space has been commissioned to renovate and expand the former Rijkswaterstaat government office, at Surinameweg 4 in Haarlem.

From a leading principle closed bastion will be transformed to a light and transparant work environment. The existing building will be largely maintained,  new bay windows bring in more light and substantially add to the amount of square meters. Besides that, the original facade unfold outwards so the building itself appears less closed.

The open character continues in the interior. A mainly open work floor replaces te log closed corridors. At the ground level in the heart of the building is a community floor for lunches, short meetings or work, as well as for events and drinks. The area extends into the adjoined patio and roofgarden, bringing the surrounding woodlands deep inside the complex.

Besides the existing 6.200 square meter, 3.800 m2 is added with the extension. To add character and make a clear distinction between the old and new part, floors, walls and construction of the extension is made of wood. It will be build on top of existing foundations avoiding the use of new concrete.
For the existing construction as well, where possible circular and recycled materials will be used.

For example the original aluminum ceiling panels will be applied on the walls and installations, where possible, will be re-used.


Project team: Stijn de Weerd, Remi Versteeg, Arnoud Stavenuiter, Puck Vogelpoel, Rolf van der Leeuw, Tsz Ho Chau, Michiel Hilbrink