Joolz office

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Office
Client: Joolz
Collaboration: Space Encounters
Floor Area: 1600m2
Status: Completed in 2016

JOOLZ has a strong ideological agenda when it comes to responsible entrepreneurship. With Space Encounters, we won the pitch to translate their core value, positive design, into their new headquarters in a former machine factory building.

Their new office in the developing part of Amsterdam Noord measured 1600 m2 and consisted of a spacious industrial hall, and a generic office building, the latter regrettably obscuring all the character of the former. To remedy, we removed all the walls from the ground floor. Creating large openings in the office building’s facade further scraped away the generic mediocrity while allowing the passerby an unobstructed view of the hall. We placed the new glazing at an angle to — in line with the brand’s beliefs — improve transparency.

Joolz | Beyond Space
Joolz | Beyond Space

By far the biggest intervention is three, lavish gardens filled with trees, plants and fish in a pond. Jutting up to three existing roof lights, they echo the scale and the integrity of what was already there. These large-scale gardens carry the added benefit of improving the internal climate and provide employees with some more exotic choices to pick as their work location for the day.

Joolz | Beyond Space
Joolz | Beyond Space

Project team: Joost Baks, Stijn de Weerd, Gijs Baks, Remi Versteeg, Bram van den Heuvel, Naomi Cheung San, Ines van Sandick
Contractor: Barten groep, Houten
Structural engineer: Van Rossum, Amsterdam
MEP engineer: Huisman van Muijen, Den Bosch
Landscape design: Moss, Amsterdam
Contract furniture: Lensvelt, Amsterdam

Completed with Space Encounters