Healthcare Centre BSH

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Healthcare Centre
Client: GZC Buiksloterham
Floor Area: 215m2
Status: Completed in 2018

Once one of the most polluted industrial areas of Amsterdam, Buiksloterham is a new frontier for life and work as it transforms into a vibrant and sustainably developed part of the city. While a permanent healthcare centre will eventually arrive, the client recognised the need for a temporary healthcare centre to suit the transition from desolate place to bustling district.

The ‘building’ is really a bright yellow fence that secures and conceals twelve prefabricated container units (215m2). The containers give space to several patient rooms, a physiotherapy room and a small lab. But the remarkable shape of the yellow fencing steals the spotlight. It neatly envelops the containers, obscuring their exterior from view, while allowing an entrance/reception area, a garden and a breakout space within its boundaries. While it protects from burglary, it also shields patients’ privacy from outside prying eyes.

Healthcare Centre BSH
Healthcare Centre BSH
Healthcare Centre BSH

In stark contrast with its drab surroundings, the Healthcare Centre makes a striking appearance. The bright yellow radiates health and vigour, while its arresting shape make a trip to the doctor an exciting outing.


Project Team: Stijn de Weerd, Remi Versteeg, Joost Baks, Gijs Baks, Bram van den Heuvel, Naomi Cheung San
Contractor: Metadecor, Kampen
Structural Engineer: de Ingenieursgroep, Amsterdam
Photography: Peter Tijhuis

Completed with Space Encounters