Elho HQ

Program: Office
Client: ELHO
Floor Area: 3.500m2
Status: Completed in 2019
Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands

For Elho, a company that loves pots and plants even more than we do, we redesigned the interior of their headquarters in Tilburg. Next to (of course) a lot of plants, we brought light and air into the building, removed many interior walls and provided a variety of working environments. Thanks to the use of the Boring Collection these come about as quiet and more loud areas, but also as areas of focussed meeting and discussion. The latter have been designed at central locations, with lush greenery all around.
Centerpieces of the three-floor office are a large lightwell at the center of the building, a slat ceiling on the ground floor and a massive desk, folded around so many plants it resembles something of a miniature jungle.