Scenography for 'The Jewellers Art'

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Program: Scenography
Client: DIVA Museum
Floor Area: 300m2
Status: Completed in 2020

Beyond Space designed the exhibition The Jeweller’s Art: Revolutionary Jewellery from the 1960s and 1970s, curated by DIVA Antwerp and the Cincinnati Art Museum USA. We translated this extraordinary period of radical innovation in jewellery sparked by London’s swinging sixties into a succession of spaces, each embodying a characteristic of the day and age. The visitor fluidly moves through the jewellery, the fashion, music and design of this vibrant period, which is once again très en vogue.

Transito 2.0 | Beyond Space

A DIVA highlight is the site-specific reprieve of Transito, a light installation by Space Encounters and Children of the Light. Sprawling across an entire room of the exhibition showcasing Space Age Jewellery, the visitor enters a labyrinthine world where changing light and sound dissolve the room into liquid architecture, mimicking a journey through space.

Scenography The Jewellers Art DIVA
Scenography The Jewellers Art DIVA

The final room of the exhibition symbolises the aesthetic pivot when the capricious language of form of the 60ies morphs into polished, geometric and austere forms of the 70ies. An infinite round space with a superimposed grid creates a time capsule of anything from lava lamps to fashionably futuristic frocks, where the visitor encounters the unique jewellery of the day.


Project team: Remi Versteeg, Stijn de Weerd, Esther Bentvelsen, Tsz Ho Chau

Exhibition builder: Planemos, Nieuwegein
Curtains: Siersema, Amsterdam
Transito: Children of the Light
Sponsor Transito: Finsa
Photography: Lorenzo Zandri