Beyond Space firmly believes architectural thinking applies well beyond matters of space. Drawing from a range of interests, disciplines, and experiences, we seek to forge new connections to allow for the unexpected. We combine creative entrepreneurship with a solid grounding in our discipline of origin, and couple our unconventional ideas with intuitive design. We sit comfortably where art, architecture and product development meet, and mix buildings and spaces and objects.


Esther Bentvelsen graduated the Sandberg Institute in 2015 where she received a Master of Interior Architecture. She earned her professional chops working with Petra Blaisse before she joined Amsterdam architects Space Encounters, where she worked with partners Remi Versteeg & Stijn de Weerd. In July 2022, after graduating her second degree, master of Architecture from the Academie van Bouwkunst, she joined Beyond Space’s founders as the studio’s third partner. Esther enjoys seeking the boundaries of what is possible, regardless the scale of the project, be it in small scale material experiments, or developing new typologies for housing.

Portrait Remi Versteeg | Beyond Space


Remi Versteeg is equal parts architect and entrepreneur. He founded his first company back in 2002 (many were to follow) and obtained his degree in architecture from Delft University. In 2016, he co-founded office for architecture Space Encounters. In 2021, he co-founded Beyond Space together with Stijn de Weerd. Remi is driven to innovate and always seeks to combine diverse perspectives to forge new connections and lead him down roads less traveled.

Portrait Stijn de Weerd | Beyond Space


Stijn de Weerd obtained his degree from the Amsterdam Academy for Architecture, after which he joined Anne Holtrop for two years. In 2016, he co-founded office for architecture Space Encounters. In 2021, he co-founded Beyond Space together with Remi Versteeg. Stijn is an intuitive designer that combines his knack for the unfamiliar and the unexpected with a desire to share his knowledge and discoveries alike, which he often does in lectures and teaching engagements both nationally and internationally.

Awards & Nominations

Siersema Office, Winner Dezeen Awards, Small Workplace Interior, Public Vote


Platform Office, Architectenweb Office building of the Year


Dezeen nomination Emerging Architect of the Year


Frame, winner Emerging Designer of the Year


Joolz Office, nomination RIBA International Architecture Prize


Sony Office, Winner ARC17


Joolz Office, Winner The International Architecture Award


Joolz Office, Winner BNA Building of the Year


Joolz Office, Nomination ARC16


Boring Collection, Nomination Dutch Design Award


Boring Collection, Winner Milano Design Award




Rolf van der Leeuw


Lia Benninghaus


Stefan Wolf


Tsz Ho Chau


Brend Kouwenhoven


Mahla Ebrahimpour


Jorren Verheesen


Kathryn Mallory






Lola Kleindouwel


Nora Varela


2023 Holcim office, Zug, Switzerland, first prize
2023 Brouwerij 't IJ office, first prize
2023 Schiphol Seating Lounge 2, first prize
2022 Central Museum Utrecht, Utrecht, first prize
2022 Sluisbuurt Kavel 1B, Amsterdam, first prize
2021 Blurring Zone, Amsterdam, first prize
2019 Siedlung Holliger, Bern, first prize
2020 Rijkswaterstaat Office, Haarlem, first prize
2019 Siedlung Holliger, Bern, first prize
2017 Sloterdijk N3, Amsterdam, first prize
2016 NCG office, Groningen, first prize
2016 Joolz office, Amsterdam, first prize
2015 ClinkNOORD, Amsterdam, first prize
2014 Zaaiersweg apartments, Amsterdam, first prize
2014 Sid Lee office, Amsterdam, first prize


We are always looking for talented people to join our multidisciplinary team. Beyond Space is about fostering bright and driven minds. Our works are solid and challenge the status quo of architecture. Creativity is at the heart of it all, from what we do to how we do it. The office is a dynamic and nurturing environment: a place to grow and to become a part of something bigger. Do you think that you would make a great addition to our team?

Apply by sending an email to work@beyond-space.eu



Beyond Space accepts interns from (international) Architectural Schools for internships with a minimum duration of 6 months. Excellent knowlegde of Autocad, Adobe CS, strong modelmaking skills and a talent for design are required. Fluency in Dutch and rendering skills are a plus. Please send your portfolio and CV to internship@beyond-space.eu

Please check the following requirements before you apply:

- architecture bachelor or master degree
- highly proficient in AutoCAD
- available for a duration of six months

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment unfortunately we can't accept students from interior architecture/spatial design, art schools or other discipline besides architecture since all interns will also be working on architecture projects.



Roamler, Siersema, Workrate, DIVA, Elho, The Museum and Beyond space Office by Lorenzo Zandri
The Museum by Norbert Tukaj
Boring Collection by Lernert & Sander
TRANSITO by Tintori Giacomo
Siersema, Gezondheidscentrum Buiksloterham, Joolz office, SONY Music Entertainment A’DAM Tower, Designplus Pavilion and GMK5 office by Peter Tijhuis
Sid Lee office, Joolz office, NCG office and White Label Coffee by Jordi Huisman
Joolz office by Charlotte Odijk
ClinkNOORD by Wouter van der Sar
Website built by Brick Zero
Potraits by RVDA


Rigakade 10
1013 BC  Amsterdam
The Netherlands